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    How are you going to manage the odd school schedules in future

    Post lock down the schools are going to open but with strict follow of some measures like wearing mask, maintaining social distancing and not embracing or touching of students by one another. Some schools have formulated the idea of conducting two shifts with 20 students in each class and each section. In that case the working women as a parent cannot cope with the timings of the school and the schedule. How are you going to manage such situation. Are you going to have the help of grand parents or someone maids to manage the issue.
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    It is going to be a tough time for all the three stakeholders, students, teachers as well as parents. But education cannot be held back and some solutions have to be found out. schools are trying to figure out the solutions while plying with the guidelines of CBSE and ICSE that are going to be out soon. Working in two shifts, as the author has pointed out is certainly one of the probable ways. the work load on the teachers will certainly be more now. And the children, especially the smaller ones will be confused. it would take time to make them understand and to get acquainted with the new styles of teaching. The online way is here to stay for more time even when the schools are functioning.
    Shifts or particular days of schooling is definitely going to hamper the routines of the parents, especially working women. While it will not be a big issue in a joint family, the nuclear families will be troubled. Moreover, transportation and picking up the children will again have to be addressed. this will lead to the increase in the number of absentees as well. Parents will have to think of all these issues now itself.

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    Surely parents, especially the working parents need to think of greater planning in near future.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    This is going to be a difficult situation as parents have to manage their time table accordingly once this change takes place. Another problem is of taking precautions. Children would not be understanding the gravity of the situation and would be doing mistakes in observing hygiene and cleanliness. We have to guide and teach them time to time the basic requirements of cleanliness in this pandemic time.

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