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    Two times brushing the teeth and having own bath

    Make a habit for your child to Two times brushing the teeth and having own bath and this will lead to minding their own habit of keeping body clean. Normally children love to take bath on their own and many parents prevents them to do so and children get adamant over this fact. The child should be exposed to our dally routines so that they can mend their own ways even without our presence. That kind of habits must be inculcated from the little age and children should take their own decision regarding when to get ready within time for the school.
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    Parents also wish the same. Many want their kids to be independent. The problem is identifying at what age the kid has to start their hygiene practices on their own. I honestly say, it varies from each kid. Parents should understand their kids ability before letting them to do their chores on their own. Because, brushing and bathing is basic to one's cleanliness. Letting the kids to do them on their own and their lack of perfection may lead to other health problems.

    So I personally feel, kids can be allowed to brush and bath from 4 or 5 years, but supervision is must till they attain 6 years of age.

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    No doubt the playful children would spend extra time with water while brushing and bathing but they must inculcate the habit of the same.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    It is said that cleanliness is Godliness. Hygiene is very important in the children as they forget about it and ignore it. We have time and again emphasise it's importance to them and insist that they should follow certain cleanliness routines in their lives. We have to inculcate it in them from an early age so that they continue it in their lives later. Good habits are required to be inculcated early in life.

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