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    Do you know what colors attract young kids

    Some children have the idea of their mother and relatives from the long distance because they remember and identify the people with the colors and that is why they prove to be sure. Normally they are attracted to Red, yellow, green and other dark colors. If the mother wears such colors, the infants gets attracted to her for the mere liking of such colors. Invariably the children will not stay long in the laps of other persons if they wear the cloths with colors not agreeable to them. So next time when you visit the small child go with dark colors to like you.
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    The colours that attract the children keep on changing for the initial few years. I have observed that the red colour fascinated the children I'm the earlier years of childhood.
    My son liked red very much, then he moved in to green and finally settled for blue.
    However, I have observed red being a common colour of being attracted to by the children.

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    Correctly observed by Sharmistha as children get attracted to bright colors and what ever seen initially are liked in the future also.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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