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    No vacations inspite of closed schools

    The schools had to be closed down in mid March due to the pandemic. May schools could not even conduct their summatives (annual exams) and the children had do be promoted without any exams. The vacations were declared. But we're these real vacations? Children could not go out to places, they could not visit their relatives or go for just fun making.
    These kind of restricted vacations are sure to harm the Children's mentality, the expectations of which we can know only after some days.
    One of the harm that could have been caused I she not being able to visit the granny 's place. The bond and love showered by granny cannot be replaced by the video chats. I'm sure there would have been other harms as well that our members would like to portray here. So, go ahead and tell us about the other ways that such vacations me get I've affected the children.
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    Madam, you are true. These vacation holidays are restricted to the children to their houses. Is it correct? Actually, it impacts on the mental surface of the children. Even though it is difficult during COVID-19, but as parents, we have to remove boredom feelings of children by engaging them in creative activities. Whatever social harmonization they spend with their peer group should be created by parents only. Then, the children would be active and it is helpful for their mental and physical health. It is unfortunate that children are engaging their time in playing games in gadgets. Parents have to prevent such habits. Instead, parents have to give exposure to children in reading books and listening to music to feel happiness.

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    Warm welcome to K N Charyulu and glad to see you as the new member of this site. Proceed to make your own impression with articles on child parent nurturing for the young age and if you have any doubts please put the question in this forum.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Probably for the first time in their life, the children are stay put in their own homes and not allowed to go out, play or mingle with their parents and they lost the touch of the elders and relative to who they used to visit during the summer vacations. Most of the children are not understanding the consequences of this pandemic and insisting the parents to either call the grand parents or let them go there. But by not having train, bus, air or not even allowed by roads, a sincere parent cannot answer the numerous question posed by the child to see their grandma. One thing is sure many children would be absent once the lock down is full lifted.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    This is really a tough situation as for children the evening game playing in the park and with their friends is actually their lifeline. Even we are missing our friends in the park and the market then it is natural that these tiny tots would be missing the whole fun.

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