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    Exploring the hidden talents of kids through apps

    Now a days, many apps are coming up that when used let us know the hidden talent. The ongoing lock down has forced us all to take up mobile and explore more into it. The children are also using the gadgets and making the best use. The snacks recipe apps and the singing apps are very popular among the children.
    There are some apps like Smule and Star maker which give background music to the singers. The singing talents in the children is thus explored. Can you name few such other apps where we can explore any other talent of the kids?
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    What I sincerely feel that the young kids should not be exposed to the cell phones and new apps. As we invariably find that children are attracted to the cell phones for the rich features and they tend to develop addiction towards the cell and that would interfere in the interest of studies. Even the mother should not use the cell phones before the child and as far as possible the child should be kept away from the mobiles upto the age of 10 years. But as everyone of has the cell phone on hand, the little child cannot keep quite and thus dig all the apps and features one by one. The kids have become more faster than us by having their own DP. The other day my sister grand son has changed the DP to avengers and removed her image. I scolded the child as the cell does not belong to him and he immediately changed the DP. Such is the fastness of their learning.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    It is true that cell phone is becoming Saithan in the hands of children because once if they kept in their hands to play with them, they are unable to put aside them. Mainly, controlling of mind is diminished in children due to cell phones. During such a long period of COVID-19, children are getting attracted to cell phones to remove their boredom feeling. For that, they are not in a position to leave the cell phone. As parents, we have to avoid them from the focus of the children on cell phones. Instead, we can make alternative arrangements such as story reading, writing stories, and drawing pictures. These are the activities that are enough to make them engage their cognitive development.

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    I think we can expose them to those Apps where there is some learning potential like Math quiz for children or things like that. Another possibility is learning new words and playing word games etc.

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