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    Resource Posting Permission

    Since this website is meant for small kids (nursery, kindergarten, primary school), we are restricting the resource posting rights. We want only the people who really understand the concept to post here.

    By default, the new members will not have posting rights. After spending some time on this website, if you think you can contribute good resources, please let us know by sharing your intention below as a comment. If we are convinced, we will give you article posting rights.
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    I have posted two resources which are for primary school students and are not exactly meant for the small kids. So let me check if I can edit them or replace them to meet the exact purpose. If some moderator can go through them and give me a feedback, my job would become easier. Please see to that if possible.

    It is nice to see that inspite of being so busy you are yourself sparing some time here. Members would definitely be energetically boosted by interacting with you. Appreciate.

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    Since this is the developing site, those members who are from ISC and proved their mantle can be given chance to ensure that right and apt articles are raised. Even when forum is not active and not giving chance to raise the articles, then member will not find interest to stick here. For me I am not interested to post any article as of now, but want to keep this forum going with my contributions now and then. But some cash credits for good forum posts or good forum responses would go a long way to inspire and encourage the members to keep this forum vibrant and going. Hope the webmaster agrees.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    On 18th May, you started a thread inviting essays and speeches on COVID-19. Accordingly, I submitted one under the resource category. The above post says that new members do not have resource posting right. Thus, should I remove the submitted article and submit it on ISC? As ISC is an educational site so the resource will serve the purpose.

    Kindly suggest what I should do.


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    I have also submitted an essay on Covid-19 for use of school going children. So, let us wait and hear from the Webmaster in this regard. We all have joined here to strengthen this site and I would request all the members to contribute here good content for kids. I hope our efforts would bring success soon.

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    Umesh Sir,

    Here, unfortunately, our concern is not addressed. It's more than a day, but our issue is yet to be looked upon, which is annoying. Let's hope to receive a reply soon.


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    This thread has gone deeper. Webmaster being busy in his routine work may not have seen this. Can you please submit a separate thread (fresh post) as a request to webmaster for allowing you to post the resources.

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    I have doubts on the permission for the worksheets as well. Though we are submitting them as resources, these cannot be considered articles. So can we submit worksheets or not? The same have not been reviewed till now.
    I wanted to submit few more but am in a fix about them being accepted.
    Kind request to the webmaster to let us know about the permissions in detail.

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    Webmaster made it very clear that by default new members may not get the permission to post the articles automatically and they have practice writing in the forum and then get confidence to post.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    I request webmaster to please consider the request of some new members for allowing them to post article here. In fact some of these new members are already having experience of writing and contributing in the main site ISC and if it is feasible they can be considered for posting here.

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    Hi Sir, I request you to authorize me to post articles in this website.
    I am active in forum section, also I had proved my ability to post articles in ISC.

    Kindly verify my ISC profile (profile name Srimathi) in order to make your decision.

    (I am unable to use hyperlink or URL to ease your search.)

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    I have prepared a few Maths worksheets on addition and subtraction. Could you please give me permission to post them?

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    For the past two months no activity and even the resources posted in the past are not verified and new resource permissions were not granted. Webmaster should make alternate arrangements.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    I have given Resource posting permission to all those who have requested.

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    Thanks for responding and if the permissions were granted the need for verifying the resources thus posted must be done otherwise members are turning away from this site.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    This is a fantastic site, offering a wealth of information for those looking for handy resources.
    I have a few educational resources, mostly related to science and reading, aimed at schoolchildren.
    Please could you grant me access to post these resources to this site?

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    Yesterdat I joined this channel. Today I had submitted a story for kids, can you guide me whether I had submitted in a correct manner or not? And also I would like to contribute little more essays, riddles, tongue twisters and GK questions. But I am unable to post in the practice test option. What I need to do for practice test category to open and submit some more questions or is there any other option to post GK questions? Please anyone reply for this message

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