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    If home schooling is the last option then make arrangement for gadgets

    As many schools wants to have the home schooling the best options as the government and doctors are advising not to venture out small kids to the schools as they are vulnerable to attract the virus easily and that would be very danger. In that case home schooling would be the last options and the parents has to make ready the new gadgets exclusive for the children as they cannot spare their computer and cell phone for the child schooling. So make arrangements for the gadgets right now.
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    Rightly said sir.

    Private schools whose fees are high, along with the books, notebooks and stationery, should offer gadgets with proper pri any settings.

    Tamil Nasu govt has a scheme to provide laptops for 12th passout students. They may consider for high school and higher secondary too. It is understandable that Governement cannot fully take care of the gadget sponsorship, so NGOs involved in education have to make plans in helping g out the needy atudenta to reach for the distant education.

    In USA, public schools are providing Ipad to their students for remote learning. At the end of the acholl year, they have to return it to the school.

    People who are affordable to buy separate device for their kids should remember chromebooks and laptops are preferable than tabs and mobile phones.

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    If TN CM Palanisami happens to see your post, surely the thought process would be on the direction to give laptops for even for high school students.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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