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    How to cultivate reading habit at younger age

    It is a common advise to parents to cultivate reading habit in kids. Parents too interested to do it. But how to introduce that good habit in kids is a biggest question. The very first doubt arise among parents is, at what age kids should start reading? Kids from 4 years can read. Now a days the early education begins with phonics learning. This helps kids to learn the sounds of the letters, soon they move on cvc words(3 letter words).

    There are level reading books that are designed specially for beginners. Each level has some 4 or 5 books. The book begins with simple 3 letter words and pictures to blend letter words. If practiced well, the kids will finish 7 levels before 6 years old. They can read anything then. Their vocabulary will also be well improved. Once they learnt the sounds of letters, their interest to read will automatically increase, thus the love for books, reading and learning will simultaneously increase.

    Parents should spend time in reading books for themselves and for kids. Kids whose parents read books are creating interest in their kids by their action. Also, have a collection of colorful books at home. Slowly it will attract them and they begin reading by themselves. Many kids will build their own story by seeing the pictures in the book, encourage them. Let them get bored with the their own stories, they will come back to you to read it for them, do it patiently, then they will imitate you. Soon they will end up reading on their own. It may be some 1 year process too, but the end result is fruitful forever.
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    If the child happens to be the first child, then the parents should always read the book in front of the little child. No matter the child would make mistake and fumble but the formidable reading habit would be inculcated. And if the child happens to be the second child then creating reading habit is most easy. What ever the first child does, the second one wants to ape and copy as it is. I have seen that when my boy used to read his books loudly, my daughter would pick up his lessons so easily without even touching the books. May be for that is the reason she was selected at the nursery admission test on the spot. Children would be watching and following every moves of the parents and their elder brother or sister and therefore we must see that every good thing must begin at the right earnest and at the right time.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    To learn any language, four things are very important. They have to happen consequently. They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. By constant listening to the language, a child develops the grasping the power of language. According to psychology, a language acquisition device is in the mind of a child to get the language naturally from the gestures of the mother first. Next, the child's cognition goes to other members of the family to listen to the words they spoke. Like that, the child expands his language acquisition gradually. This will not be developed in one day. It takes up months and years. Till now, it is said about the mother tongue. For other languages, the child has to struggle to acquire the language. That will be possible only through the environment provided in the school. After, child has a direction towards reading the text.

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    Charyulu made an interesting revealing that if the child keeps on listening the lessons he not only gets it memorized and that would cultivate the urge for reading.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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