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    Start vocabulary with two, three and four letters at home

    Mother is the first teacher of any child and if the kid is more interested to study, instead of wasting time with television and cell phone playing, the parent can create an interest in building the vocabulary of the child with two letters such as ad,as,am etc and from three letters like ass,ann,ant etc and four letter words such as hand, gate, Gail etc. This way the child gets more vocabulary learning before going to the school and the kid will pick up the studies very well without any doubts in future. What is your view on this.
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    It is a good idea but children tend to listen more to their teachers than they mothers. We as mothers have to change this trend to play a dual role as a mother and a teacher.
    What all can a mother teach at home:-
    1. A few educational videos can be shown.
    2. How to write a neat handwriting can be practiced.
    3. Pronunciation of two, three and four letters.
    4. Framing sentences using two, three, four letter words.
    5. Choosing worksheets from internet and helping the child to complete it.
    6. Listening to stories brings an audio, visual connectivity.
    7. Listening to story and writing with correct spellings.
    8. Dictation of four letter or five letter words.
    If a mother is an educated person, then she can try any of the above steps to improve the child. These steps can be utilised for improving the vocabulary skills of children.

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    It is good to start with 2 letter words and then gradually go up the ladder. Children would easily learn the small words and would be able to reproduce them. Another idea is when we play some game like word exchange or word telling from the last letter of earlier word, then children would come up with the words they have learned recently and it would be a good opportunity for the to revise those words.

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