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    How to dissuade children from scribbling on the walls

    Children like to scribble something or the other all the time. The moment they see a pen, a pencil or even a crayon, you will find them displaying their creativity. We as parents also find it amusing in the beginning. But when it continues, we do not like the coloured lines on the clean walls.
    My question here is - what are the ways by which you can make your child not to use the floor or the wall as the canvas?
    I have few in my mind:
    i )few chart paper sheets can be pasted on the wall and the children can be encouraged to draw there only.
    ii) white board can be used.
    I am looking forward to some more such ways by which we can dissuade the children from scribbing on the walls.
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    In one of my relatives house I could find the colored lines and scribbled matter on entire walls of the drawing room and they kept as the memory of the children who are now stay put in Canada and UK What I mean to say that some parents and grand parents wants to connect with their children and grand children and thus they offer to scribble the walls and get pride over it. When I asked the relative that they may go for white washing or painting the room, they said that it the memorabilia for them as they cannot visit foreign countries often and they get immense joy while seeing the scribbling on the walls. We should not stop the creative works of the child. They need to do such things because they want to explore new writing habits and do not stop them and no visitor would question you as they know that you have the growing child and he does all those mischievous.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Encouraging them with plain papers or outlined pictures through which the child can scribble inside the picture. For this we have to give regular instructions.
    Pictures of various playing equipments, dolls, animals, teddy bears, moon, birds. Any picture which the child likes can be pasted on the wall so that the child identifies the picture and would not scribble on it.

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    Nice one. Would take note of it. By pasting the pictures on the wall, we can also discipline the children in a way I. e. they should be careful to colour within the borders. All this while encouraging them to colour it

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    Child's mind is like that. They would be attracted to small things and then insist for them. They are generally very active and can bring disorder quickly. It is common for them to kick pebbles on the way back home and do any other such activity. Scribbling on the walls is also their favourite. To correct it one has to keep the children in good shape and confidence and then only they would hear us. Engaging them in constructive activities and diverting their mind from such unnecessary indulgences is to be impressed upon by the parents.

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