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    Spoon feeding is a wrong culture

    Nurturing kids is an art, so parents and guardians need to choose the right method. The elders must understand that the demerits of wrong nurturing can put the child as well as the family members in shame. When we take care of a child, we should always keep it in mind that the child will not remain a little one forever. He/She will grow up year by year and one day will become an adult. The person has to be self-sufficient to move forward in life. He/She must grow the ability to take up a decision and possess the determination to face life challenges. It won't be possible if during the growing years the child is spoon-fed for everything. That would never allow a child to have the self-belief and that hinders in personality development.

    It is my earnest request to the young and would-be parents that in formating years of their child, they must always think in the broader aspect. To give them a respectable life, the parents need to change their focus from being spoon-feeding parents to motivating parents. The parents must be guiding the child to reach the desired goal, and then a child will become a respectable person. What do you say?
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    I really appreciate the author for raking up this wonderful thread. Being the first child or the only child, the parents pamper the children to much extent that they spoon feed for every requirement and does not allow the child to learn. I have seen in one family having only one daughter and they pampered her so much that she orders everything on her bed or chair and does not even walk to fetch the drinking water. The girl was never sent out to fetch anything and she does not know the outside world. Now imagine when the child goes to the school she would be meeting new girls as the friends and how to mingle with them would be the big task. Parents have right to nurture the child with all good pampering but at least a elder must be there in the house to make the child learn all the basic of life and even the moral lessons for the future use.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Children should be taught dignity of work and importance of self help culture. It is necessary otherwise they would not be successful in their lives. We should love the children but it does not mean that we leave them free and whenever they want. When children start growing, parents should be cautious and see that they should be
    deployed in some useful activitis.

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