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    Can you narrate a short story for children?

    Children are fond of stories and would like to hear them from their elders. At the same time they feel bored with long stories. Can you narrate a short story preferably less than 100 words which we can tell to our children to freshen up them. Please share your short story here for the children. I will also be adding one from my side later.
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    Once TN Sheshan our late Election Commissioner had been to Bihar on duty and while driving with his wife she spotted some wonderful nests woven on the trees and she wants to have one. They stopped the car and asked the Shepard resting there to part one or two nests. The boy replied in negative. The driver told the boy that he is the big officer and he should oblige to keep his wife happy, for that the Shepard told the driver that daily I am safeguarding these nests and I know the mother bird would come in the evening and search for the nests it made then who will give the answer for that. On hearing this Sheshan repented the mistake done by his wife and asked sorry with the boy and told his wife that his whole IAS studies gone waste in front of the Shepard thought to which he feels ashamed. Moral of the story never seek others proven work.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Interesting one from Mr Mohan. Let me also add one from my side. This stoty idea I have taken from our classic story books like Panchtantra. Of course with modifications. A school going child asked his father that what was meant by crocodile tears. The father narrated the following story.

    There was a monkey living on a tree near a river. There was a crocodile living with its family in that river. One day the family of crocodile wanted him to bring a monkey for eating . Crocodile knew that there was a monkey living nearby. He went there and started weeping, tears in his eyes. The monkey was very kind hearted. He asked him the reason for weeping. Crocodile told that he was feeling bad that he had not invited the monkey so far to his house and wants now to invite him for a party. The monkey was happy to hear it but he suddenly remembered his school days when he was taught by his teacher that crocodile tears are not genuine and are a trap in fact. Remembering that the monkey refused the invitation of the crocodile.

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