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    Workbooks reduce screentime

    Many parents sign up to many edutainment apps for their kids education. Those apps are attractive, colorful and most interactive. They do maintain their works, score board and lift their level of education. However, kids screen time increases. No kids stop watching TV or OTT videos just because they had their education with entertainment. Even parents don't include these screen based study time in their kids' screen time. So, all these end up in straining eyes and other related health problems.

    Also, education with paper and pencil gives irreplaceable benefits. Visual memory can be obtained through those edutainment apps, but muscle memory in education can be obtained through writing only. In order to reduce screen time and to increase muscle memory, Kids should be encouraged to practice in worksheets or workbooks.
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    The author made good comparison with the visual memory and muscle memory. It is the fact that in those days we were more dependent on our studying and writing profess and no visual experience. But the new era students are exposed to the digital teaching and they need to understand everything through visual presentation. This has caught the new attention of the parents who are also accustomed to new way of education . But ultimately the exams have to written with hands and thus the muscle memory need to work in spite of over dose of visual memory which only up the interest of the child.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    A good thought by the author. We must guide our kids to work away from screen also. Long time working on screen is definitely hazardous for health. We must inculcate off screen working habits towards their studies in them.

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