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    How many of you bought Printer during this lock down?

    Schools have not opened, but online classes have begun. We cannot be writing down entire worksheets for our children and not let our children to use the gadget for all their works. Especially works related to writing can only be done with hard copies. So, how many of you bought printers for your children, if not, what is the alternative you use to get the work done?
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    Since there are no school going children in our house, we are not bothered about printer. And I already have one HP printer cum scanner which needs some repair to work again. However we brought a note book Lenova brand for our daughter who is attending online classes and also she is getting the video notes for third and fourth year MBBS and thus note book has been immense use for her. But I can feel the pinch of the parents that those who have one system and no printer, they are forced to out and fetch the hard copies and some times the xerox copies could not be got at odd hours. So many are purchasing the printers which has become necessity for the school going children notes and projects. And children exposed to the cell phones would bring them the eyesight problems sooner or later.
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    In online education mode now some gadgets like printer are going to be indispensable and would be a must in every household. Printer cartridges are costly and it is going to increase the educational expenses.

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