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    Small kids ready to write contents

    I was astonished to see the small kids of even fifth class are best informed and they are daily seeing the news across the tv channels and want to share their feelings on the on going tiff between India and China. This prove that the children are having their immense respect to the nation and the guardian of our borders by the armed forces and they feel that everyone should protest against the wrong doing going on at the borders. Some children are writing very good write ups which even the adults cannot not make out or share. This is the true spirit of patriotism and we should encourage such kids. What is your say?
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    This is surprising for us as in our times even writing a content after completing graduation was thought to be a great thing. Today's children are well informed about the issues and sometimes express their views also on that. It is really good that some children are ready to write contents at such tender age.

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    Children are exposed to online education, social media and daily dose of news and happenings and thus they are rearing to go to write contents.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Yes, children are well informed about the current affairs and they come up with good write ups. But I won't agree that only these 2K kids are better at writing at younger age. Because I remember participating in an essay competition from 3rd standard. Also, I got 1st prize in 5th grade for writing an essay on POTA act. I had submitted an assignment on Space crafts in 8th grade. The above mentioned are part of our school extra curricular activities. In our school, till August, they concentrate on Sports selection and completions related to it. Then from October to December, they concentrate on school magazine. So various written competitions like Poetry, essay, journals, art, interviews, jokes, etc in 3 languages were conducted. The best of them were selected for the school magazine. Once the school magazine was published in December end, the cultural competitions were given importance in Jan and February. Fancy dress, Singing, Dancing, Debate, Mono act etc were conducted. The best will be selected and performed in School Annual day. Also, we are allowed to participate in inter school competitions.

    Thus school days were not just studies. It is full of memories. We are grown with a versatility. These days kids are empowered with social media. We are supported by school and school teachers.

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    Once again a good response from Srimathi. Some small students empower themselves with the art of writing and creating contents on their own way which is self promoting attitude.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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