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    Let there be editor appointed forthwith

    This site has wide scope for improving and in the recent past some ISC members took interest to rejoin and start the contributions again. Even new members are eager to join and share but on seeing the dull activities and no editor being present this site may go as non functional soon. Though webmaster has been coming here now and then and taking stock of the situation a permanent editor from ISC can be given additional responsibility to maintain this site also and we are eager to support. Please make it fast.
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    I also feel the need as Mr Mohan has expressed. Some members of ISC have taken some interest in revitalising this site though only webmaster would be really aware whether this activity by members in forum section has helped in increasing traffic or not. Anyway some members have posted some resources also and to motivate them to post more such items, some action from webmaster or administrator is definitely required. We understand that it is a business unit and accordingly decisions would be taken and such decision can not be done without proper thinking and assessment but as members we look towards webmaster for a positive step in this direction.

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    Even the best spider sites of different states were gone to closed levels for not taking action in time and at least this site must be saved from syncing.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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