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    Children not taking online classes seriously

    Today I came across one parent who has his children studying in LKG and UKG in a private school and being the pandemic after effect the school has started online classes and want every student to be present and be attentive. But the children are making the online class mute and go for the play mode in the room and they are also recording the class and would listen as per their own timing and meanwhile they are texting the teacher that the network is slow and not getting the video. This is the trick used by many students and I think online classes are failure in India.
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    I am sure that the teachers and the school authorities must also be having some ways to check the truth. Such students if not given attendance may become serious.
    But at the same time, I do feel bad for such small children as well.

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    Schools have to call a web meeting of the parents and introduce the teachers and the program they go to follow with strict instructions about online class.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Children while in home take things lightly as they do not consider the parents as administrators or manager of the house. They simply treat them as their affectionate parents. So this would take some time to make them realise that home is now school for them.

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    Expecting LKG and UKG students to listen to the class by seeing a monitor is difficult. But I agree to what the author said about the tricks used by students are true in general. I schedule my work as per my son's online class timing and sit along with him. The reasons are as follows:
    1. He is only 6 years old.
    2. Chances that his queries can go unheard, cos the host mutes the class.
    3. Chances that the network errors can happen, so I need to act immediately in order to catch up the class.
    4. This is a new model, so kids needs support.

    I would say, parents support in this matter is a must. in couple of months kids can adapt. The discipline for online classes can also be obtained during this course of period.

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