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    Instead of gifting something else on birthday draw the childhood image to impress

    My daughter has surprised the little child who celebrated her birthday yesterday and she is the relative of our family and we had her childhood photo of one year or so and my daughter has taken four such photos and drawn them on the big sheet and then pasted on the card board , presented to the child when the cake was cut at the midnight. The drawing came so naturally created and the child got greatly impressed as the emotions of the child was well captured in the drawing and that was fantastic idea than presenting something else during birthdays.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    It is indeed a regular practice to gift children on their birthday's. The author has suggested the best present, we could also present some play toys. Children love to play with toys in various colours, shapes. The toys which make sounds are their favourite. The spongy teddy bears, puppies are loved by most kids.
    It is observed that children, especially girls, maintain their gifts carefully for many years at a stretch, while boys start the mechanic work to unscrew or dismantle the toys. Hope you have also observed this attitude.

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    I really admire Sharada for sharing her views and it is indeed the matter that girls cherish the memories and the boys do destroy the things.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    A picture book containing lots of pictures of animals, birds, flowers, fruits can also be gifted as a birthday present. Children at younger days love to see picture books as they will be filled with colours. The book so gifted should be with fewer pages and should be easy for handling by children.

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