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    Sending to playschool necessary or not.

    My daughter is now 3 yaer old and I was planning to enroll her in a playschool but due to pandemic everything is put on hold. She can be enrolled in either playschool or in nursery after 6 months but as the virus is spreading very rapidly and also all the schools remain closed, I have till date deferred the plan.

    Now I am thinking whether should I enroll her directly in Nursery once the school opens or not, as sending her to school now doesn't seem very safe.

    Is it necessary to send small kids to playschool? Is it compulsory?
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    What I feel that sending the children to the play school is one way of getting rid of nurturing responsibility by the parents who happen to be both working and not having time to play with the child. For the first five years of any child, it is parent oriented and mother has to take lead to nurture the child. A growing child displays daily learning process which need to be enjoyed and cherished by every mother and what is the use of sending the child to the play school where all the children would be crying and give botheration to your child too who is peaceful until then. Please do not take away the pleasure and growing intricacies of child and please enjoy every nuances of your child as this period would not return to your child nor you and therefore as a senior parent my advice be with your child and give all he patronage and love at this tender age.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Agreed, that we both are working and trying to get rid of liabilities so as to be able to arrange some comfort for future. Education is highly expensive and without a good income it might become difficult to bear the cost in future.
    Future is so uncertain and without any other support from family, it is totally upon us to provide for shelter, good food and even better education.

    I am trying to do something that will enable me work from home only and hence take care of our child and also have some earning simultaneously. I am looking forward to ISC and sister sites where I can contribute more to have some reasonable income.

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    It is not compulsory to send but it is part of acquiring basic knowledge and learning the real-life whereabouts, the initial stage of coming out of fear and adding socialising behaviour in children above three years.
    Regarding the pandemic issue, you can share some time to teach her through printed books, charts, stickers, crayons and also through online videos under supervision. As regards to gaining an income, you are your boss to take the best decision. ISC is a site where you have scope to earn than the sister sites according to my personal experience. It is left to your thoughts and to decide where you contribute.

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    If you want to earn from ISC, then contribute good articles and also post job postings in that section and if you are capable of giving experts answer, then give the same in that section. Be active in the forum and other sections and at the end of the month, if you happen to be the top twenty member of that month score wise, they you are eligible to share the site revenue bonus which varies as per your contributions in various section. I have been receiving the RSB every month and wish you also get the same.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    @ Sharada, yes we have brought her coloring book and crayons but what we have noticed that she loses interest in it in a day. She can recognise every colour and also colours objects in colour book.
    She will do coloring one day and next day all the crayons will be pieces and we have to keep them in box.
    She loves clour but also wastes them a lot

    She recognised numbers and animals and birds but letters she still need to work. She knows them verbally but not in written.

    I am now trying to teach her different shapes and have cut a cardboard in different shapes and coloured it for her to play.

    Will see how she progresses.

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    @Mohan sir, will work on your advice and contribute more fruitfully on ISC. There are some limitations in each section as I try to contribute more I get a temporary restriction notice that limits me to post anything more.
    In ask expert section as well as forum. On Techulator also there are no editors as I contributed 2 articles but both are pending as on date. So only hope is ISC as of now.

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