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    What to teach kids at home who are not in school yet

    I have a 3 year old daughter who is yet to go to the school. Now due to pandemic the same will be further delayed. Now we have tried to teach her alphabet and numbers and some rhymes and she has learnt it too.

    Issue we face is that we want to teach her more things but we run out of content. Also when we ask her to repeat the alphabets or numbers she will run away but alone she many a times sings and dances with numbers and alphabets. Also when we threaten her with some kind of spooky story or animals she would recite everything, but the method seems odd to us. This doesn't seems the correct way to make her learn and recite

    How to teach her repeat what she has learnt and what more can we teach her.
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    Nice question posed by the author. If a child is yet to go to the school and having interest in school learning then the parents must take the initiative to take class on their own at the home. First teach the child, the colors of the life. Let them get familiar with the colors because children like the colors and they would love to play with the colors. Once they get accustomed to the colors then go for the naming of animals. In this regard instead of books, get them the plastic animals of different kind so that they can feel and play with the animals and let them compare the same on the book. The color book and animal book are available in non tear- able plastic mode and thus we need not fear about tearing of pages. Then start learning the alphabet and the numbers and thus your child stands to be UKG ready before going to the school.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Thanks for your reply Mohan sir. My daughter already recognises all the colors and animals. I also brought her wad color and color book, but she like color the wall more than the color book.

    I want to add something more valuable to her routine which will help her grow as a balanced and happy human being.

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    It seems your child is very creative at the young age. Let her feelings be written on the wall. Even in our house my son and daughter scribling are seen on the walls and that were not erased. There are magic pads available in the market and that is erasable with removing the paper and then she can write again. I know the mentality of the child is to create new and we should not block their creativity. A child always behaves more than what we expect, and try to give cushion to all her demands in a small way so that you are not bothered and the child gets most satisfied in the arms of caring parents.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Yes, children surprise in unexpected ways and they know very well how to cajole us if ever we get angry with them. Will keep your advice as a guidance for parenting.
    She has been a naughty kid and provokes me a lot to play with her, she will either jump on me, or snatch away if I a m reading something or throw something at me so that I chase her. She know I never ever hit her, so she takes full advantage of that.

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    1. Children love to colour at the age of three, use crayons and give her printed sheets of shapes. Try to connect it with any story, rhymes that he has already learnt.
    2. Using her hand and trace on numbers on printed material.
    3. Practice patterns on the wall without pencil-its called to write in the air.
    4. Ask her to scribble using pencil as you say the words. She may draw a circle or she may say it is square. She may just put a point and say it a vegetable name or fruit name. Accept all her answers, try to connect them in your own way to recall the contents.
    5. Ask for parents name, area of residence, her own name.
    6. Play mimicry relating to the story. Act yourself as one of the characters of the story.
    I hope this will suffice your requirement. Let me know your realtime experiences in this regard.

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    What Sharada shared has given hype to this thread as parent should become a character in front of their own child so that they connect to the studies easily and remember the lesson or story.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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