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    What changes in routine done by working women during this lockdown.

    It is now a common scenario where both husband and wife are working to provide for best of resources to their kids. But due to lockdown all those working women had to start working from home and even all the maids and help is almost over.

    Now to manage small kids and work together require a lot of changes and cooperation from all the family members. What changes did working women did in their routine and what tasks were assigned to the male members to get through this testing time.

    Childrens of course are the first priority, but work is equally important to meet the expenses of house and to serve loans.
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    This pandemic has taught much lessons to the working persons either male or female as to tread with the available helping hand and live with minimal wants. I have seen that when husband and wife opted for work from then the timings of the work is different and in between they have to help the child to attend online cross. While the husband login timing is different and his wife log in timing is different and having no house maid around, they have to change their work habits of the home and join with give and take policy. Suppose if cooking is done by the husband, the other house hold chores are being attended by the wife and vice versa, But gifted are those who are staying with the elders at home and they will look after the kids and even the kitchen needs. But the present day couples want to live in freedom and thus face more problems galore.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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