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    What should be a balanced diet for a growing child.

    Food is necessary for every living being and a balanced diet even more so important. A growing child also needs a good balanced diet for physical and mental development.

    Parents with experience of bringing up child can suggest a diet plan for a 3 year old kid, including her breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that she can munch anytime.
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    What we have done to our children that at the age of one itself we started giving the normal rice food. That is Dall rice , sambar rice, rasam rice and curd rice. Not at a time but daily one item. And regularly given with fruit juices, and snack items like Idli, dosa and even Upma. What I feel that when the child is habituated to our kind of routine food, then he would not demand a specific taste food. Some people are giving very guarded diet to the child and not showing the Chapathi or other snack items to the child and thus when the child grows up me may discard such items not practiced and given through the infant stage. In fact all vegetables cooked should be given to the child so that every taste is practiced and we should not keep the child in dark. Some mothers wont give the brinjal curry and think that the child would not eat. But in fact Vangi bath is preferred by most small children. So giving good food should be criteria and not the diet food.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    A three-year-old child is very precise in her choice for a particular vegetable, fruit. The child specifically enquires his or her favourite for at least a one-time meal. Chappathis made of wheat are a favourite dish in both South and North India. The preparation methods may change. Including of greens and vegetables through chappathis gives good calorie counts, proteins as vitamins helping growth in the body. Dry fruits can be they walking food in minimal quantities. Milk should be added to their food stack everyday. Fruits being the preference as they will pick up at a later stage. Potatoes and carrots are favourites of most children.

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    Sharada gave good count of information as to what should be the food liking of children at the age of three but one more information what I want to add that let the child enjoy the food on his or her own. Put the things on the plate and they must eat and enjoy the food. I have seen mothers going round the street showing dogs, pet and even vehilces to gather interest for the child to eat in disguise and by default. Such forced food would not go well and they must with interest. We have brought up two children wish self eating habit, no doubt they would make the place shabby but over the period of time they tend to behave well.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Thanks for the guidance to Mohan Sir and Sharada. We have tried to give her everything from vegetables to fruits and regular food items we eat, like dal, rice , chapaati, curd, paneer, bottle gourd, and other green veg. She likes most of the things but at times rejects to eat.
    Milk is a must thing and we give it to her daily morning and evening. But as it is said that the first child gets all the attention is very true. We can forget to eat or sleep but our child never misses a thing. She is very much pampered but we try to avoid junk food and roadside food.

    @Mohan sir, we stay in North India so idli, rasam and rice delicacies are not very regular but once in a fortnight kind of thing. We do love idli and dosa but usually we got out to eat it and in current situation we hardly get to eat it.

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