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    Write and read would make the child remember much

    Some parents are insisting the children to write the class work and home work during this pandemic situation of study from home. Some parents are asking their child only to read and do not waste time of writing as there is no corrections would be done. But what is more important every parent should know that a child must write and at the same time read the same what he or she wrote. That way the matter would be going deep into the mind and the child would remember what ever is written today and studied thereafter.
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    Writing down things are more important than just plain reading. Rote learning does not stay for long and a kids forgets the lessons in long run. Writing what you have learnt gives you a long term memory.

    When child learns a lesson and writes it, the same goes into his/her mind and he may never forget the same. Hand-eye coordination and mind concentration improves drastically when learnt things are written down.

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