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    Children love video content and YouTube is fulfilling the gap.

    Now a days childrens have so many entertainment options indoors that they have forgot to play outside and the traditional games are losing their charm. Although in current situation the same is not even recommended.

    Now for entertainment, children need either a smart TV or a smartphone and they can spend their whole day watching videos on YouTube. Now YouTube has come up with a dedicated channel or application called YouTube kids. The YouTube kids only provides children rhymes, songs, videos and much more and nothing else.

    This application also comes with child lock function and time duration to enable video watching by children, but the kids keep watching them throughout the day, Study of children suffers the most in such cases.

    Youtube is good but to an extent only.
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    I do agree that children like video format viewing and playing games. But we must keep them away from the gadgets and no doubt youtube has become more famous for short stories and movies but the children get addicted to such viewing and keeping on demanding the same. Instead you chose to be a character and ask the child to be another character and now play a story created by you. In this case the child gets more creative by dressing like a character and that creates more interest in the play of skits and stories. One thing is sure if the parents give time and energy to the child during the first five year, that child would be superlative because, we are teaching the actual school teaching. we are teaching them the moral stores, we are teaching the life important moments and lastly we are teaching them the ethics and many more.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    I agree with each and every word of yours and try to do the best possible but at the same time I also accept that we do give gadgets to our child at times so that, we can work for few hours. There is no other elder or any siblings with us who can look after her during office hours, so here we are the culprits.

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    It is always good for the children under the close nurturing of elders around them because the elders teach moral lesson stories, and even look after their daily needs the parents need not worry about the well being of child. But the wife does not want mother in law to stay and the husband does not want the wife mother to stay as they feel they are hindrance to the enjoyment of their daily life. We had the first five years of nurturing done through the are of elders and that is the reason the legacy of the family bonding, respecting the elders, good story line to the understanding level of them and taking the positive notes of it were possible,
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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