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    Quiz for childrens that are easy and fun.

    What kind of verbal quiz we can play with our children at home which are not only fun but also knowledge enhancing or teaches some lesson.

    Quiz and puzzles do give the brain a good amount of work and it enhances the brain capability and child's concentration capacity. So if we are able to inculcate a habit of regular quiz and puzzle in our children while we are at home, then we can help them in a big way.

    Members who do use quiz and puzzle to teach their children can share a few here for all of us to use and give our children a good lessons in life and enhance their knowledge.
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    What I use to play with my children when they were young, that I would give them for words to make a sentence. Like public, signal,. road and bus. Now the children would be pondering over how to make sentence with which word first. They need not write but they have to tell the sentence using those four words. Surely the children get excited as they come up with sentences that they experienced personally while going out and thus their learning experience is increased with new vocabulary too. The next game I used to play with them that I would give them a alphabet letter and ask them to make more than five letter word. For example if I give the word D, then the words should be detain, delivery etc. This way their vocabulary and remembrance power of big words are being gathered and wrote in the paper for practice.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Good suggestions Mohan Sir, will give it a try and also add up some more to keep my daughter engaged.
    Thank you.

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    When we play with the children new ideas emerge automatically because our aim is to keep the child happy no matter we become some animal character in front of them. The other day I went to by boss house and his grand daughter was very cute and started playing with me instantly. She is 5 year old and wanted me to play with her. Immediately I asked her to make paper cuttings of animals which are available in the old books which are no more used. She got exited with the idea and in my presence she could do the cutting with scissors carefully of course with her parents care and shown me many animals being cut from the books and she pasted them on the note books front cover as the label. What I am trying to say here that children would like to have activity based skills which can improve their thought process and the time is passed considerably.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    I found some word games very interesting while playing them with children. In one particular game we would tell one word and from the last letter of the word the other person has to coin a new word. To make it easy we allowed replacement letters like s for z and i for y etc. Children enjoy these simple games.

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    Today I came across a whats app images that one person tried to make animals and other things only through the leaf cuttings and that seems to be very interesting.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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