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    Why do we get filled with guilt and remorse when we scold our child.

    As a parent we all must have faced this situation when we feel guilty for scolding our children or even shouting at them. Children's are naturally naughty and they do so many mischiefs that we don't even expect and sometimes lose our temper.

    I also had the same feeling today, when I scolded my child very badly and she hid behind her mother for safety. She started crying and I was totally full of guilt and remorse.

    Why so much emotions just bubble up, even when the child was wrong and had done some damage.
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    In Tamil there is a great saying that " Adikkira kai dhan anaikum" that means those we beat us alone would also cuddle us and hug us more. A parent get perturbed with the strange behavior of the child as they do not listen to our commands and make the things around us so much mess that we lose the temper and we shout at them at raised voice and they get terrified and even do mischief in a more posh way. But the same child can be taken into our folds with telling in more friendly way to get rid of stubborn attitude and the children feel the love and trust of the parents so easily and they are ready to cooperate and follow the instructions slowly. One more thing we have to remember that the children ape the neighbors children and in that case we must be careful not to make comparison or make them play with one another and that gives rise to face of.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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