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    It is important to understand the world of young children.

    Very young children have their own world. They have their own way of expressing their anger, happiness, and sorrow. We understand some of his gestures and guess his cafe. But these estimates do not always fit. The result is that the crying of the children becomes more rapid. They start to feel angry again and again. Often, we think that by listening to the stubbornness of children, crying, and crying, we think that we could understand the untold things of these children. Understanding young children are also important for parents as well as teachers.
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    Only the mothers know their babies better than others and they are the close watchers of every move, every action and every demand from infant onward. For example we have one 10 month old baby girl who does not like to wear the huggies and wants ordinary shorts to wear because while in huggies it is not cleared by the mom and that irritates her. And some children are averse to bottle feeding, and soon as they see the bottle they turn their heads. What that mean for the parent. That the child is not liking the color of the bottle or it gives the odor of bad smell. Sterilizing the bottle with hot water is must but the new mothers blame on the child for rejecting the milk every time. Nurturing small children is very enjoyable and new mothers should cherish every moment because the same moments may not return in the life time.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    It requires patience and a lot of pondering to tackle the kids. They will do all sort of mischiefs and sometimes will start crying and become stubborn. Parents have to understand their psychology and treat them softly and in an intelligent way so that they come in terms with us not by force but by the way we behave with them.

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