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    Poems are the best way of learning for children.

    Children always like poems. Poems are not only an important means of imparting information but it also makes them very happy. It is very fun to read and memorize poems in which you can keep your child busy.

    You need to keep in mind that the purpose of teaching poems to the child should be that he/she likes the poem, understands it and as a result, can express respect and appreciation for the poems. Your goal should be to be positive about the poems and choose some such poems for the child that he can understand and memorize easily.
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    Truly said by the author. Children are always gets fascinated through poems and rhymes and they arose interest in learning those things with ease. That is the reason being so the children of even nursery class learn the poems and rhymes even though they do not know how to read the words and write. They simply recognize the colors and the image and relate their learning experience and that turns out be interesting and good for the teachers and parents to get stunned. Some children are also creators of good poems on their own through their creative thoughts during their childhood exposed to varied experience.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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