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    Increasing stress in children and our education system

    Education is most important for everyone and every parent wants to give better education to their children. Everyone sends their child to school expecting to come first. The demand to come first puts the children in the competition trap. Wow, if the kids are successful! There is no place for failure here; This is the main cause of stress. The child starts to win, not enjoy the game.

    We do not understand when the score of a hundred percent snatches childhood from children. Children move from mental stress to depression. Today, the stress levels of children have increased so much that their mental and physical development is being hampered.

    In such a situation, we need to think seriously about children with a good education as well as their stress-free childhood.
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    It is the fact that the stress on education is tremendous on the children, and especially those who in pre primary and primary sections have huge portions to which they are not habituated and they are simply forced learn. The so called International schools are giving more credence on accent and speaking, but not on understanding of the children or writing caliber thus many children fail in higher classes as they missed the basic. What is the use of talking good English when the basic education is lost for ever. Parents are realizing this great mistake at the later stage when the damage is done and the child gets older.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Carrying of school bag is one more stress the children are under going because they have to carry minimum 10 kg at the young age and that would have the longer effect on health.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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