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    Proper knowledge of language is necessary.

    Many people do not even properly know their own language. Speaking and acquiring knowledge of the language are both different things. There is no need to become a very big linguist, but your colloquial language should be decent and pure. Language knowledge is very important. If you go somewhere in the country and abroad to work or work, then the language is very much with you. A good communication process with language can only happen when you have learned to think well. It is also necessary to increase the word knowledge to be thoughtful.
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    Nicely said by the author. Though the parents are giving concentration to main subjects and English the learning of second language or the mother tongue is not given the priority. For example an Intermediate student need to study the second language Sanskrit which is altogether a new language and asked to write in English. We know the importance of Sanskrit and that should be fully learned and not with English. Likewise the mother tongue should be learned fully writing , reading and conversing. But many does not know much about their mother tongue for that parents has to be blamed.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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