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    As a parent do you agree for opening of schools?

    There has been consistent demand from the working parents that the schools be reopened soon as the covid cases across the country has come down and even the roll out of vaccination from the 16th January is going to be a reality and the need for the schools felt as the children are taking study from home concept more easy and the working parents cannot devote time the children stay put at home. As a parent are you also demanding the schools be started soon or let this academic year be gone and new beginning be made in June 2021.
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    Presently, the pandemic is less frequent, but the time is still to maintain caution. Apart from this, even on the basis of vaccination, we cannot consider ourselves and our children completely safe. In such a situation, in my view, it is not right to open schools and call students of all classes as normal schools. There are still some schools where the children of the higher classes are called to the school on certain days so that they can clear their studies doubts, that is fine. But still, for those young children who cannot take care of themselves, it would not be a fair decision to send them to school for children below 15 years of age.

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    Once the pandemic is contained then only the Govt might take a decision on that. They may also take a decision based on the vaccination drive progress.

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