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    Is the education system of India right?

    Dear Friends,
    I have a opinion that there is something wrong with our education system.

    This question is most hard-hitting in the morning and the afternoon, to the reason when I see children rubbing their eyes and carrying heavy loaded school bags in the morning. And in the afternoon when there is sun over head boiling everything poor school children are pulling themselves to home exhausted under the loaded bags.

    This is what I want to understand why there are so many book when the knowledge is diminishing. Why are we not following the trend to aptitude learning and teaching.

    Can we at this site which is solely related to education discuss the education system of India.
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    Education in India is more of theory based. Children simply mug up everything from the books and write down in the paper as it is even without understanding such knowledge does not help in future. What is needed is the practical knowledge to face the competitive world.

    Apart from that, Educational Institutions run by Government are so bad that we hardly think of admitting our child in them.


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    You know let me share an incident that happened to a little boy studying 3rd std. His parents tried to help his in arranging his bag one day. They sorted out this books according to his time table for the day. Almost half on his bag became empty. The boy's mother told him to take those book and warned him to arrange the book according to time table. But the boy wanted to carry all the book. His mother(lovable mother)strictly told him not to carry the load considering the pain her son is having on carrying the bag. Now come the interesting part

    The baby came 4 hours late to home. His mother inquired the reason for his delayed arrival. Do you know what his explaination was. It was stocking to me. He was asked to stay out of the almost four classes since he did not bring one of his class book. One of the class teacher was on leave day before hence the teacher borrowed the PT(Physical Education)class, Arts(dancing)class,Music(class),Tamil(class). Adding to it the teacher told the boy to write on the black board 100 times that he will not fail to bring the books.

    Think about the mother feeling. The boy's mother hugging her son and felt sorry for what happened. What else she re-filled the load the next day. The boy is no one but my little cousin.

    Education now-a-day has loads and it is been forced on children. Swallowing their dance,music,art and language what are the teachers trying to make them. Robots? This way of approach must definitely be changed.


    Hemaaraani B

    "Face the problem face to face with Smiling Face"

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    In ancient days, students have to get teacher's home for education. It is just like a residential for them. After testing the patience of students teacher wants to educate them. But now there is no situation likes that. Education is a free pass to every student. No one understands the importance about education. As a teacher, I know the opinions of students against education that student feels education is burden for them. They think why teachers always say to me to study. We can easily say that student without intention of studying they come to school. There is no use with this notion.

    Sita kalyani.

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    @Tasneem, This is what I wanted to point out which you have mentioned. Just mugging up all and reproducing as robot is not enough. We in India just not care about the talent of in the student. And this is more important.

    @Sindhu, You have rightly mentioned the entertainment and desire to feel free and understand the world with their prospective is being crushed in the children under the load of books.

    @Sita, you are the closest to the students and you can well understand what the students think and want about the education system. We must try to change some system and make education a playful one for them to understand at ease.

    I thank you all for your response to the thread.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Thank you Mr. Nadeem to inform such a valuable suaject, which is facing all in a society,
    Probabily you are correct.
    Government give all responsibilities for Education. But the big problem is that the method or syllabus of the education. There are many demerits are found in all syllabus.
    But now teachers are teaching in special methods to get good Educated students.

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    Mr. Shafeeque,
    We all should strive to bring in change in this system from quantitative education to quality education.

    Thanks to all for responding and making this thread worthwhile.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Thank you dear Nadeem,
    we can move such a way what we think . Now a days it is essential . And your discusion is apreciable one,

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    India follows useless education system. Compare to other countries, our syllabus method is very easy.

    So whatever, we have to study for our life, we should not ignore the studies even it is hard.

    Just enjoy your education, whenever we follow the determination, dedication and devotion we can win in education or any field.

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