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    Why Parents choose not to Vaccinate their Children

    Hello Friends,

    Parents are told that once the child is fully Vaccinated they would be protected for life. That has now turned into a series of lifelong boosters that are still not able to protect children from infectious diseases.Chickenpox vaccine which is given to a child at the young age, but even when he grows he still gets it.

    Why do Parents don't vaccinate their kids? Are they harmful or they no more protect the children?
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    Few parents even when they are well educated are failing to do it vaccination for their baby. The little ones are open for infections. This is to protect them from those harmful diseases. Even a simple cold quickly spreads to the little one. Their immunity systems are yet to develop and when they grow up their body will be ready to take strong medicine provided for those disease. Little ones can't stand to a small cold think what will happen if they get something bad. Proper vaccination prevents them from dreadful diseases. Parent please do vaccinate your babies. Please do say that "Even if I vaccinate him he will get the disease later when he is grown up" think that he is just to young to bare the pain caused by those disease. Lets protect them.

    Hemaaraani B

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    Hi Friend,
    You are correct.Most of the parents dislike vaccination, because we don't know the source of medicine and the co materials which used to make the medicine.And the authority never say about it.In some children vaccine can cause side effect also.
    In other way some parents are bothered about it.And they like to vaccinate their child among various diseases.

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    Hi Sindhu P,
    Now the number of vaccines have increased manyfold.Not all vaccines are essentail and safe or guarantees complete immunity from diseases.This fact was confirmed by my family doctor.Many of the diseases which we are told have been extinct or controlled by vaccines are reappearing.Moreover, these vaccines contain other harmful materials like mercury,animal tissues,aborted human foetal tissue,virus, etc. these things have been found to cause deadly diseases or other harmful side effects.Studies have shown that vaccinations may cause diseases such as autism,arthritis, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, etc, because of their interfering with the immune system. It's difficult to get research done on these because most vaccine research is paid for by drug companies.

    Do you know that a tuberculosis vaccine trial in India involving over 2,60,000 indians resulted in more TB cases in the vaccinated than the un-vaccinated?Official data have shown that the large-scale vaccinations have failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases against which they were supposed to provide protection.We won't know whether a particular vaccine is hazardous or not for one or two decades.What is beyond dispute is that vaccines can and do kill people.

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