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    Can I edit my deleted questions?

    To the editor,
    I have submitted over 100 Practice test questions, in those about 14 questions are deleted for some reasons. Now I have some new questions, can I post those questions in the previous place? or is it that I need only to post as new one?
    I think I am clear with my doubt and if any thing is to be mentioned, please give a response below.
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    No Prithvi, you cannot edit your deleted posts. Only the editors have the right to do it. If you have any questions regarding your deleted posts, please post it in the forum with the URL. If your doubt is genuine, we shall send the post to pending status from deleted status so that you can edit them.
    With regards,
    ISC Editor
    Studyvillage editor

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    Some of the similar types of questions are accepted and some are deleted which are as same as the question that is provided below, so please give me the reason for deleting the following question,

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    Well Prithvi,
    There is a clear cut reason why these questions were deleted while some other similar questions were accepted.

    1)Your questions about finding the value of a algebraic equation was quite a new concept but was not much innovative. Hence, a few of them were accepted but later on when we discovered more of such questions, we deleted them as we want the members to post intellectual questions. Hence, please frame the mathematical word problems where the children can derive these equations from the given word problem. That shall be interesting to kids and they shall be greatly enhanced.

    2)Your question about, "Which is the largest continent"? is a little controversial. Though Australia fulfills the condition for an island, it is not taken as an island due to its large size. Hence, Greenland is the largest island. You may argue over this but the truth is, there is no clear answer with regard to this. I have made it very clear in the guidelines that the members must not post controversial questions.

    All these points were made clear by me in the guidelines. Kindly go through them again and post your questions accordingly.

    With regards,
    ISC Editor
    Studyvillage editor

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    @Vivek Chowdary,
    Thank you so much for explaining the clear reason for my query. Until now I am just posting blindly here, but with your message, I got a clear idea with which I think that I can move forward in this site with best performance.
    Is it anything to be worried about the deleted questions? Like making me unsuitable etc.,

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