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    My ability is restricted again for the same reason.

    On the previous thread I have asked for the re-ability of the permission for posting a reproduced content. Before this happened, I have posted about 20 questions of the same area. Now again my ability is restricted by deleting the other similar questions of the same.
    Please have a look and give me chance as the present ban is already faced by me and the editor has given me a chance once again to post. But you have deleted again by seeing the similar type of questions.
    As the web master has said that not to post the pictures from the web, I have stopped them but now again my ability is deducted.
    Please give me some solution.
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    Hello Prithvi,
    You should edit your all previous posts to minimize the risk of getting banned. I think as you already discussed about this thing to webmaster, hope he will give you another chance.

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    Yes Ajay,
    I know that to edit the questions but as I was not in the town for 3 days I didn't get a chance to do this work.
    Better the editor must have deleted on the same day unlike for me to face this situation again.
    @ Web master,
    I do not understand that why the editor has deleted one question primarily and restricted me & now again deleting all the similar questions and restricting me again.
    I am very careful from the previous thread as it was my last chance. But this was not my fault and please consider me again for to post in SV.

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    Hi Prithvi,

    Your own forum responses have given you the answer for your question of why your practice test questions were deleted.

    deleting all the similar questions

    Before you were using copied image and submitting similar type of questions. You were redirected to read Webmaster Vivek's forum update and were given a chance to try correcting yourself. But again you started submitting similar questions.

    New rules are being added to each section now and then. You are now restricted on "Practice Test Section". Try posting some self written articles on the Articles section and be an active participant in the Forum section.


    Hemaaraani B

    "Face the problem face to face with Smiling Face"

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    @Sindhu Pratap,
    I have posted all the similar type of questions on the same day itself and not after the deletion of the primary question. Please have a look at the posting date. This restriction should not be on my part as I have not posted any new thing from the previous ban. Please consider this request and give me acceptance as I didn't do any wrong from the previous acceptance, I have not used the last chance also.

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    I just wanted to say that this site is under development so the editors may not be up to mark in their editing. Rather to delete one question from the similar ones, they might have deleted the entire thing on the same day itself so that I may face the trouble only one time itself.

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    I don't know what are the factors and the reasons that made you say that "editing is not up to the mark." What if the site is in development stage? It does not mean that we are appointing editors before considering their talents and skills. Please be careful in the future before you post anything against the editors.
    Regarding your restriction, I know that it was a mistake on my part as I failed to see the posting dates. But the thing is, you are not new to the posting in these commercial sites. You have been a member of ISC since long and you must be aware of the graveness of these copyright violations. Hence, I have restricted your posting rights. It was your duty to inform us of the links of your similar posts so that we can delete them.

    Conclusively, I have restored your permission taking into account the posting date.

    With regards,
    ISC Editor
    Studyvillage editor

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    I absolutely doesn't mean that what you have understood from my message. I would never say those things rather than I would promote for the better thing of this site. I have mentioned that as this site is under construction so the editors may not give their overall concentration to this sister site. Mistakes are common for every human.
    I do not mean to discourage the editors. I am sorry from my part and please excuse me if I made you hurt with my sentences.
    Thanks from my side as you gave another opportunity and I am sure that I will not converse with you again asking for these kinds of permissions.

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