Difficulty faced in posting Schools

To the Editor/Webmaster,

1. Some of my schools already posted by me is neither appearing on new submissions, pending, deleted or approved category. Neither it is shown in school search. This creates a lot of confusion.

2. Can you please explain how we can know of the cash credits for the schools posted.

3. Also, brief me how can we know that a particular school posted by me has been rejected or deleted (as it is known shown in alerts). Can you keep alerts for this section also.

4. Since large number of schools are required to be posted and such numbers can not be done in a day, is there any way to keep track of my school posted with filter options so that individually I can keep check and save time on avoiding double entry of schools posted by me.

5. Also there are private child/day care centers in each city. Some are registered and some licensed with full permit. Should this be also posted?

6. Some of the schools have websites with address different then the address available for the same school at different websites. So, which address to follow is a confusion. If you can clarify it would be helpful.

The above queries are required for answer to expedite posting with accuracy.