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    We are looking for worksheets in various languages

    We are looking for worksheets on various languages like English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada etc.

    The purpose of the worksheet is to help kids learn a new language.

    To avoid overlap, we will allow only 1 person to post on a specific language.

    Since we have a lot of people posting pictures, we are not accepting any new members for drawing. It is very hard to train a person and make him/her understand all the rules. SO we will choose only existing members for this.

    If you have been posting drawings without errors and like to post language based worksheets, please post a response below with your preferred language.

    We are looking for worksheets on:

    1. All Alphabets in the language

    2. Capital letters and small letters

    3. You may do them as colorable (hollow text) worksheets so that kids can learn by coloring. Please do not draw the letters (unless you can do it excellently). Instead, download and install some Hollow Fonts and simply type tyem.

    4. We need some worksheets which simply show all alphabets so that kids can print and hang on the wall.

    5. If you can show with arrows how to write each letter, that will be another interesting one. For example, take the letter "A". You can make a worksheet only for letter "A". IN this worksheet, you will show how to write "A" step by step with an arrow mark. And then you will provide some dots to draw through the dots so that kids can practice by writing it in the printed paper.

    A good example:

    6. Another type you can do is, print words and corresponding images. Leave a blank space for kids to write the same word again.

    7. In case of non-English language alphabets, show how to pronounce the letter through an approach like this:

    Just search in Google for "hand writing worksheets", "hindi worksheets" etc. You will find a lot of good samples. Do not copy, but make your own.

    How to make worksheets for language learning

    If you are pre approved to post Language teaching worksheets, please follow the instructions here. I am posting it here since I am wasting a lot of time editing, guiding and rejecting worksheets. If you follow the instructions carefully, you can save a lot of time and there will be no need to keep revising your worksheets.

    Since this is an educational site, we expect great quality worksheets. We definitely do not want to teach wrong thing to kids.

    I am taking the example of alphabet ए in Hindi. This is how you can make a worksheet to teach ए in Hindi:

    1. Show the real letter ए in the top of the worksheet in a big size.

    2. Then show a color picture of something that start with letter ए.

    3. Write (type) the name of the picture below it in color.

    4. Then show that letter in big size, with arrow mark on the side to show the
    direction in which kid have to write the letter ए (in doted lines). See this example. This is how I want the letter writing practice worksheets.

    5. Then show the letter ए 10 or 20 times below it in dotted lines so that the kid can write along the dots to practice how to write ए.

    6. Refer to several other websites to see how professional they are doing. Find out lot of samples and learn from them.

    7. Do not draw the letters or words when we teach language. Instead, type them using appropriate fonts. Drawing will not make perfect letters or words. When the purpose is to teach letters or words, it has to be written in perfect shape.

    8. Read this page before you start with each worksheet.

    Please note that the amount of hard work you do is not the measure to approve or reward your posts. Rather, we pay according to the professional quality of the worksheet and according to the usefulness of the worksheet.

    Current Assignments
    Shobha - Telugu
    Sujit - Malayalam
    Meena Shaw - German, Odissi, Italian, Bengali
    Tasneem - Arabic
    Rekha - English, Kannada
    Sindhu Pratap - Tamil

    All those who are adding non-English worksheets,please refer to this document for correct sounds and sample English words:
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    I am interested in posting Hindi and Kannada language worksheets. Hindi is my mother tongue so I can do that and I have learned Kannada so I can try on with that too.

    As you have suggested a lot of good ideas above working on this would be very interesting.

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    Take up Hindi. You will have a lot to do in Hindi. We will assign Kannada also if you have time later and no one else ask for it.

  • #741
    Right sir.

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    hello tony sir,
    I am interested in doing English, Telugu and Hindi worksheets. Telugu is my mother tongue and i can work on the other two languages also. Plz give me permission to start the postings.
    Shobha G

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    Tony sir,

    I can post malayalam (onam like festivals and already on my way), Hindi and English coloring pages.

    Best regards

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    I don't Kannada festivals and all that. So please give me English and Malayalam category.

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    I know Bengali, Hindi, English, German, Odissi, Italian and Urdu. Me too interested in posting you different language worksheets for kids! I'll be happy doing so! But, worksheets of which language should I send you sir? Can you tell me? Let me know and I'll then start sending!

    Thank you! :)

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    This is an excellent thought through which the kids can learn different alphabets of various languages and go hand in hand in improving the popularity of Study village as a one stop website for all the parents and kids requirements.

    I know English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi & Arabic and would be interested in posting this language worksheets if given a chance.


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    Shobha - you can do Telugu.

    Sujit, you can post Malayalam.

    Meena Shaw, you can do German, Odissi, Italian.

    Tasneem , you can do Arabic.

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    thank u ton sir

  • #752
    Hello Tony sir,

    Yet another wonderful thought from you.

    I would be glad to take "Marathi" language assignment. Please allow me.

    Namita Terse

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    Dear Tony sir,

    I like to continue with English worksheet with different script like cursive capital, cursive small etc.,

    Kindly allot the same.

    -Rekha Mahesh

    What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. So... Pls. help Orphan children.

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    Rekha, you can post English.

  • #757
    Ok. Thank you! I'll start sending from next week once I prepare the resources.

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    Thank You Tony Sir. I will definitely get back to you once I finish with these worksheets.


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    Dear Tony Sir,

    I am interested in posting language worksheets but as the Hindi and English languages have been taken up by other members. I know Punjabi and have good knowledge of spanish language also.

    So please allow me to post worksheets on Punjabi and Spanish language.

    Nitin Sharma

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    Hello..sir.. this is very good news for children.and are there worksheets for only teaching alphabets?or also for making words by letters also.and can we post some phonics worksheets?
    and i also want to know that sometimes worksheets are approved but
    without any points.please clarify for this also.

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    As per the guidelines we are supposed to type in alphabets using hollow/dotted font but I am unable to find any dotted font for Hindi. If anyone has an idea please let me know about any dotted or hollow hindi font.

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    Hi Akanksha. Well you can type the fonts of Hindi in "COREL DRAW" (It is a software). After typing you can make it hollow by selecting "NO FILL" using the color palette situated at the right side of the Window. Selecting that you will be able to make your fonts hollow. Only the outline will remain. And, there, you can, even, increase or decrease the points of outline too.

    It should definitely help you! Try it out!

    Have a nice day!

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    Hi, sir. I need some time to find the fonts so that I can type. But I've already made the lists of what, when and how to send? I meant about resources on German, Italian, Odissi languages.

    But, as it will take some time to find fonts, so, in the mean time may I send worksheets on Bengali language? Please!

    I'll definitely send resources on the languages you have said earlier as soon as I get the fonts.

    Thank you! :)

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    Meena Shaw, you can do Bengali.

    Please see the Alphabets posted by Rekha for some samples.

  • #814
    Ok! I'll definitely see the alphabets by Rekha! Thanks for your advice! :)

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    Hello Tony sir,

    please allow me to post worksheets on English language.

    Janmejaya Mohanty

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    Hi Tony,
    I would like to take up Tamil language and prepare worksheet for them. Awaiting for your permission.


    Hemaaraani B

    "Face the problem face to face with Smiling Face"

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    Sindhu, please post Tamil worksheets.

  • #956
    Sir I can post worksheet in Gujrati language.

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    I teach English to Primary 3 and 4 and I invent my own grammar sheets. I do not mind sharing them with you but just let me know how to post my grammar sheets. Thank you!!

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    @ Nagla as instructed please send few of your sample worksheets to our webmaster. Based on your work done you will be allowed to post in the article section. You can contact Pooja mam our webmaster at her

    gtalk id poojasingh1977


    Hemaaraani B

    "Face the problem face to face with Smiling Face"

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    Hello sir,

    Iam interested to work on German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Spanish and Hebrew languages various worksheets. Please allow me to post articles related to the above languages.

    Thanks and Regards

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