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    Questions with incomplete information got approval. Why?

    While going through Practice Test section I came across two questions:-
    1. URL:- &
    2. URL:-

    Both the questions are similar and have similar mistake, i.e. incomplete information to solve the question. In both the questions area of a rectangle is given and it is asked to find the side of given figure/given land. Area of land is length multiplied by breadth (l*b= Area). So, how can one find two unknown quantities in just one equation?

    Of course, the equation is good for a condition that l=b. In that case, when l=b, the rectangle becomes a square. But, it is nowhere mentioned in the question that the given figure/given land is a square and without this information these questions cannot be solved.

    So, to solve the question, either it should be mentioned that it is a square or measurement of either of the two sides should be given and it should not be left for a reader to assume that it is a square and not a rectangle.
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    There is another mistake in
    In the given figure the area is given in square meters and all the options given have centimeters as the unit, which is a mistake.
    It might have been an oversight on the part of the Author and the Editor but it should be corrected, in any case.

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    Two of three have been deleted. You are doing a good job Mr. Sat Koch. Keep it up.
    Webmaster - DealsAndCoupons.IN

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    Hi Sat Koch,
    It is nice to see that you are bringing such issues here. But I do not find any wrong in the first two figure-related problems. First of all, the figure can easily be deciphered as a square by the kids. I do not know what made you think that they are rectangles. Moreover, these are intellect based questions as they shall test the IQ of the kids. In Maths, many a times we have to take several assumptions and therein, solve the problems. I hope that you must have encountered various problems in which you assume something to be constant or otherwise and then proceed to solve the sum. Hence, the smart kids shall definitely be able to decode the hidden adjustments within the problem and there is no harm in it.

    The third questions was really a fault on the part of the author that has now been corrected. Thanks for bringing this question in our notice.

    None of the questions have been deleted and the third question has been rectified as necessary.

    With regards,
    ISC Editor
    Studyvillage editor

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    Sorry, due to my mistake I pasted the extension with "aspx." (included dot) and hence it was entered into an error page.
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