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    Why most practice test questions are deleted?

    We have been deleting more than 50% of the practice test questions contributed by members. The primary reason is, the questions are not in the expected format.

    We are looking for interesting, intellectual and smart questions. We will not accept simple or straight maths questions.

    For example, the following questions will be rejected:

    What is the sum of 10 and 25?

    What is the result of 12 + 34 x (20 - 5)

    Instead, the Maths questions should be something like this:

    John went to shop to buy 25 apples and he had Rs 225 with him. He could buy only 11 apples with that money. How much more money he need to buy all the Apples he needed?

    Even in any other subjects, same rule is applicable.

    Take the example of English.

    The following questions will be rejected:

    What is the opposite of "Fast" ?

    What is the meaning of "Clever"?

    The questions must be smart and interesting. Here is a good example:

    John is running Fast, but Sam is running ______

    1. Fast
    2. Low
    3. High
    4. Slow

    The above are just examples, but are applicable for all subjects. We are wasting a lot of time explaining what is a good question and what is not to the authors. Going forward, we will not spend any time explaining why questions are bad. Instead, bad questions will be rejected.

    If you are not able to figure out what is wrong with your questions, it probably means you should not post questions.
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    Thanks for guide us.We will post very good questions at our site.As we also appreciate this type of educational site,which help both students and job seekers.please allow us to post practice test questions here.

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    Hello Tony sir,
    I think this is the time for me to create some interesting questions as the above mentioned forum is indeed has effect on me after seeing the examples you gave. I am very sorry for those type of questions but the reason why I have given those questions are because some previous questions which are of same type are accepted. So, I thought that those are the required ones. But with your present forum, I could understand what you want from us and we would definitely try to give you.

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    Hello Sir,

    I think that this kind of forum was absolutely neded as now I know the reason for the deletion of some of my posts in the practice test questions section. Now onwards, I will stricly follow the guidelines given by you in this thread.

    Thank you.
    Rakesh Goel.

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    Thank you for the proper guidance given to the members. The reason for deletion of some of the posts is known to us.


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    Hello sir,

    Thanks for giving a proper instruction for posting a questions. That's a reason for refusing/deleting some posts by users.

    Thanking you

    Rohit Kashyap

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    Thanks for your guideline for posting question.Please give me a chance to post some smart question for Class-II students (CBSE board)

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    Hi Toni sir,

    Thanks for the guidelines for posting the practice test questions.
    I have one question in my mind. If one of my questions is deleted, can't I resubmit it after doing the corrections suggested by editors for that question?
    Also, I can't submit the new questions if 5 of my questions are pending for approval. Can't this limit be increased to 10 or more questions?



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    Tony Sir you are a perfect guide. I appreciate the guidance you have given in this thread. Hope you will also grant permission to post my contributions in this section,'Practical Test'.

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    Tony sir, you have given perfect guidelines to post practice questions. Before written problem, a verbal mathematical problem have given by you as an example that is not to be posted. But, in my view, those type of questions are related to the rule 'BODMAS'. This rule is useful in mathematics to deal with many problems at primary stage. As this website for kids, so children can habituate to do such type problems.

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