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    Guidelines for practice test questions submission in Mathematics and Technology sections.

    Hello Dear Members,

    Since Tony sir has assigned the editing work, I have been observing similar mistakes in the practice test submission by several members.

    Here I am listing out errors which i have observed so far :

    1. First and foremost, as Tony sir has already suggested, we do not appeciate simple maths questions like 123+456 or What is the sum of 34+56 or Add the following numbers 987+654. Please avoid to post such questions.

    Instead try to form logical questions like :
    Megan had 86$ in her piggy bank. Later she got 63$ on her birthday. How much money Megan has now in her piggy bank?

    2. In technology section, many members are posting abbreviation related questions, like LAN stands for ______? or HTML stands for _________ ?

    In such questions, make sure all choices will have correct sequence of initial letter.

    Also, please give more information about the term in justify answer box to make the question more informative.

    3. Please make sure that you select right answer number from the choices. Many times in a hurry of posting more questions correct answer choice is selected by default 1. It makes the right answer wrong.

    4. Selecting Difficulty level :
    a) Select appropriate difficulty level so that a 3rd standard/grade student should not be discouraged to see difficult questions from 8th standard/grade level.

    b) Highest and lowest level must be selected logically to keep the age group suitable for that question. Please note, for question suitable for grade 8 to grade 10 will have Lowest level as 8th and highest level as 10th.

    5. Maths questions with Justification/Explanation are appreciated, as it will give the method to derive the answer.

    These suggestions are only from my observations. Rest all guidelines mentioned by Mr.Tony John and Mr.Vivek Choudhary are to be followed strictly.

    Let us work together to make StudyVillage "The Best" of its kind.
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    Hello Namita Mam,
    Thank you for giving this valuable information in the form of this thread as I have been frequently asking the editors the reason behind the deletion of my questions. I think this thread and the other that is given by Tony sir would definitely help me in the future. Thank you once again for providing this information.

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    Namita Mam,
    The information that you have posted in the thread is of immense help to me as I am new to this site. I have joined this site on the 2nd of September.

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