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    Some ideas that may require for the development of the site.

    To the concerned co-ordinator/editors,
    This forum thread is nothing but a reply from my side to the previously given forum "" by you. Here at present, I am sharing 3 ideas that may be implemented by you, if you desire them.

    1. The primary thought is that, we would create a separate tab for the mind game, "Sudoku", which is a world-wide accepted mind game by the scientists and have proved that playing this game would definitely increase the thinking power and sharpens the brain. For this game, we would ask worksheets by keeping some fixed members as there are different grades like 4x4, 6x6, and 9x9. These are nothing but indicate the hardness of the game.

    2. The next idea is about that we would introduce a "Fact" section separately, where the facts of human world can be posted, with this new step a child can know about the reality and secrets at one website itself and that is indeed out site only. Facts are nothing but the true things that are observed and took averages over some period of time like,
    a.)If an elephant dies on his standing toes, it would never fall down even after some days also.
    b.)One in 20 members has an extra swelled bone in rib-cage.
    c.)The water plant that grows very fast, up to 1feet per day is the plant 'Victoria'.

    3. The last thought is that, we must introduce a separate section which resembles as 'Match the following". Since, the students would remember the names of animals, fruits, vegetables, and people by viewing their respective picture. They are also interested in finding them among the crew. So, this type of introduction will surely serve the purpose.

    Editors, please give me a reply about these thoughts. I expect our members also to please respond on the ideas of me.
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    Hi Prithvi,
    I am happy to learn about the wonderful ideas that you have tried to add to this educational site for the children. It sounds great. I hope your ideas will impress the Web Master and the games will be approved and implemented in this site. I am looking forward to the acceptance of your ideas.

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    Hi Prithvi,

    Really good ideas. I welcome your thoughts. Hope that the webmasters will take your ideas in concern will implement them for the development of this site.

    Best luck1


    "If everything is under your control, you are going too slow"

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    For your elaborate writing of your views on different sections, no editor observe thread so far. It is pity on your part. Anyway, your suggestions are so good. It can attract more number of children to put their interest on this website to spend much time on studyvillage.

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    @Anurag and Sudhir,
    Thanks for giving good compliments, as I was nervous that how would others receive, but all have positive attitude about my thinking and I am thankful to all of you.
    @Sita Kalyani,
    I am also worrying about the same problem that none of the editor from the SVG site has responded but these views are initially given to Tony sir and he said that they are good and he would shortly implement them. I am waiting the same reply from the webmaster of this site as without his permission nothing can be done.

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