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    We should celebrate our grandparents day

    dear friends

    Now a days,life is moving in a fast manner.everyone seems to be busy in their own life.earlier,every person was giving importance to their family as well as their work.but now,people are getting advance,and they do not have those inner and natural feelings towards their family.
    but they must understand that their parents and grandparents are also precious and they must be given importance.when we were kids,our parents understand every action of ours without any conversation between us.but we are getting so selfish,we are not getting that much time to spend some time with our parents and grandparents.
    so i must say,we should celebrate parents day and grandparents day to give them a reason to of grandparents day in 2011 is 11 september

    Sonam Tripathy
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    Yes Sonam, I accept with you and we must definitely celebrate it as of other days in the year. The present day life of an individual has become so crude that even they are not caring of their parents only and what to think about those people. We cannot afford to think of changing the minds of that people, but we can grew the importance and awareness among those who are well interested in the relationship matters. This idea of thinking is only possible by thinking the importance of their previous generation member that without them there is no life for them. They must have an experience which shows the importance of their grand parents and parents. Any way its a long descriptive matter and I end up that some relationships must not be put down in the life as they may be one of the reasons for their own destruction.
    I wish a happy grand parents day to every one and all and please spare some time with them or even through the latest multimedia.

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    Hi Sonam,

    I also agree with you. Bud, Nowadays most of the childrens don't spend time even with their parents. Mostly they sit in front of computers and spend most of their time their. It should be changed and we should spent more time with our parents and grand parents.


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    Yes Sonam, I completely agree with you. We should celebrate Parents day and Grandparents day. In this busy life, where People have no time to sit with their Parents and talk with them about their daily activities or discuss with them about their issues. We can give atleast a single day solely for them and make them feel special and proud of us.

    In the past, people use to take permission and blessings of their Parents and Grand Parents before the day begins. We even used to take their valuable advice on important decisions. But nowadays, People treat them as a Sleeping member of the family whose point of view is least considered. They think that they are big enough to decide. They even say sometimes that your days were different now is the modern generation with modern culture. Some even feel that they are a burden in their family and they keep them in old age house. Before treating them in such a way always remember that one day you will also become a Parent and a Grand parent and how will you feel if your child also treats you in the same way as you treated your Parents.

    Parents are the Gifts given by the God, so please treat them with care and respect.


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    I appreciate you for being so thoughtful for the grandparents. Grandparents are respected and loved, but in India there is no declaration of a day called 'Grandparents Day'. It is a good suggestion for celebrating Grandparents Day. In my opinion a home without grandparents is incomplete. Happiness does not only depend on the enjoyment of material comfort. At times even we need peace of mind and company of our loved ones to share the joys and pains of life. Our grandparents in their past have lead simple and peaceful lives, their wants and worries are few. Grandparents are not a burden but a source of happiness for us. It is their blessings that lead us to achieve success in life. All children should be dutiful to their parents and grandparents. True happiness lies in serving the old and the aged. God also showers his blessings on children who perform their duties well.

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    I do agree with the members' opinions, but my point is do we have any special day which is dedicated to grandparents like that of parent's day or father's day or mother's day?

    It is true that grandparents are the best friends of their grandchildren as they become totally free of basic responsibilities and so completely dedicate their time and play with their grandparents. And this makes the grandchildren very much attached to their grandparents. And hence grandchildren should be grateful to their grandparents for their right way of nurturing them.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Family days or religious feasts when we meet our parents and family are important. Children should be encouraged to take notice of older respected members of the family not just the rich and ones living in big and beautiful houses.
    Grand parents are important. The child should be encouraged to like people not only for their technological advancement. Grandpa may not have a computer but he is still great at giving me advice. He may not have email or face book account but that does not demise him or her.

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