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    If I am restricted to post a new article, then what am I here for?

    I joined a few days before. Today I wanted to post a new article but I am restricted to it. If this is the way the site works, then what's the use of joining it? Now don't give rubbish explanation that bronze members am not eligible to post, if that is so, then what are the editors doing? Its their duty to check and approve the articles. Without checking the ability no one can say that the bronze level members are weak or incapable to post quality articles.
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    Hey Yugal,
    I am too a new member and faced the same problem. I am still not having the permission in the article section. Don't lose your temper and read carefully what is written here, I think you will get your answer. I too posted my query in the forum and got response from Sindhu mam who is one of the editors in this site. Here I given the response which I got from her.

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    And I will suggest you to spend some time here and understand thoroughly what SVG is all about.
    One more thing, don't ever use such harsh language in your postings. It may create the bad impression about yourself on the webmasters as well as editors of this site.

    "Adversity causes some people to break, others to break records"

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    @ Sudhir,
    It is good to see your response and help but you are not allowed to copy paste information. Even if it is going to be a response already posted by another member on the forum section. Please strive to our website rules.

    @ Yugal,
    There is no restriction based on member level. StudyVillage is a dedicated website for students. Permissions are based on the member ability. Kindly go through all the prioritized forum threads. Post our request accordingly.

    If you are interested on submitting self written articles and coloring page kindly seek for permission by sending your sample works to our webmasters.

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    Remember coloring pages are based on themes.


    Hemaaraani B

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    Welcome Yugal to studyvillage, I am having the same problem. Due to restricted access I am unable to post articles in the section for 'Articles'.

    Sindhu Mam, Thank you for the information and the mail address, can I send samples works ?

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    @sindhu mam, thank you for your kind reply. I will contact any of the webmasters mentioned by you. I am sorry for any misbehavior.

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    @ Anurag,
    Kindly forward your samples to our webmasters and on reviewing your work you may be given permission.


    Hemaaraani B

    "Face the problem face to face with Smiling Face"

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    This is a restricted access website and we do not encourage everyone to come and contribute here. We will hand pick people to contribute based on our analysis of the ability of the people. Being rude or arrogant will not help you get permissions to post.

    Obviously, we like to get the best content writers here. In order to get permission to post here, you must first prove your ability by sending us some sample work. if we find you are a valiuable contributor, we will definitely encourage to post here and become part of our team.

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