Problems in Practice test section.

I have many queries related to the section of Practice test question,
• Primarily, I have a doubt of why to have many types of sections in the posting as by making the questions of that type are deleted.
For example, there is a sub section of 'Synonyms' in English but when we post the question like what is the synonym of the word, they are deleted.
• There is one forum thread describing to post some mathematics questions which are like making the sentences by the kid itself and has also described to post the questions by changing the numbers of the same question but harder one.
Even they are also deleted by the reason that posting the same questions.
• At present with the new prevailing rule that to post only 5 questions and after it restriction is being imposed though it is temporary but in the development stage of this site this would not favor as the editors are verifying the posted questions after many days. Literally to speak there is a huge gap.
And though they are verified, some are not given the money but just accepted.
Though how many rules are followed also there is no parallel by following it with the questions.
There must be no sections of various kinds and they have no value when they are not in use.

Please don't mind I am not asking in a demand manner and wanted to know the reasons behind my doubts. Don't think me that I am against to you but I am always under you as I am just a member, but I am trying to make this site good in some corners where these are minor and not a major ones.