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    Discuss: do you think that social networking is safe for kids?

    Is it safe for the present generation kids to use social networking sites? In my opinion, I think the present generation kids, being too smart, active and brilliant too, can be allowed to use social network sites but in the supervision of parents / elders. This will help them in touch with the technology and also help them in a healthy socializing habit as these are good sources for knowledge sharing as well.

    I would like to invite your views and opinions in this connection.
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    Actually the recent statement from the creator of social networking site(here mentioning about Facebook developer) has mentioned that there would be no loss to the children by using this Facebook recommended that at least one of the family member must be a friend of the child or a separate group may be created for family members in his profile page. This will surely be a benefit as by setting them on to his profile members, the parents or guardians will come know his activities. The child will also be in a limit.
    But this would be sufficient enough until the child doesn't know some settings, as there are some settings which creates others from not seeing it. This must be taken care.
    At last, every of the child is definitely made with super knowledge in these days, we cannot help him to be in limits but it should be done from his part and until one experience anyone doesn't know what is in favor and out of favor.

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    The child needs to be told how to stay safe and protected. The child should be told of the basic rules.
    1. Do not give your phone or address to strangers.
    2. Do not give out info that is none of the person's business.
    3. Do not mention that you are alone at home.
    4. If a stranger pressses you for info , go at once and report it to your parents or a responsible adult who can protect you.
    5. Do not give out info about yourself or your family that you should not give out.

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    From my point of view I would like to say that the facility by which accessing network should be kept protected by some sort of passwords or some other technology, to avoid kids from misusing it. And kids should only use internet under the guidance of their parent or any other adults in their family.

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    I think that social networking sites are not good for kids,children's and teens also.These social networking sites grabs children's mind and children's used to spend most of there time which causes there studies.When children's join these sites they add others waste there time in chatting and excited to know new notifications and friend requests.These social networking sites are very harmful also there are many hacker which hack children's or students id's and use them for bad purpose.

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