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    I cannot access my existing Google Ad sense account with Studyvillage

    @Respective editor,
    I think the permission to the Studyvillage site for Google Ad sense is approved. In this time, when I combine the already existing account of ISC with this site, an error message is being shown. It displays that the present email address(which I provided) is blocked due to excessive failed login's, but I have never failed in logging in to any account when considered with Studyvillage or Google Ad sense.
    Please give me a response for on solving this error.
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    Hi Prithvi,
    Unfortunately we cannot earn through Adsense here in SVG. Unlike all other ISC sister sites, it is not a revenue sharing site. But here the cash credits are much higher when compared with all other sites.

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    Hello Niteesh,
    Initially I thought there is link of Google Adsense with Studyvillage but after viewing the message written in the link I have understood that at present we can apply for it and when I tried the error message is being shown as mentioned above. Do you also face the same situation.

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    It is because of the same website script which Tony sir using in all of his sites. We will see links saying "Make money from Adsense" in most of the parts but things are opposite. I did not even try to attach my account here because Tony sir did have said that there will be no revenue sharing, when announcing this site in ISC Forum. Anyways we get good cash credits here and let's hope Adsense will be open in future.
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    Once see the link above which I didn't post primarily and in that page link it describes about this present Studyvillage site.

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    Yes that is what I said. It is because of the script. You will see the same text in all of the sister sites, only the site name will change. I think Tony sir should change the script of SVG to avoid such confusions of the new members.
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    StudyVillage does not offer AdSense revenue sharing.

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    @ Tony sir,
    I am so sorry for rising this thread without knowing the actual thing please ignore me and this thread can be locked now.

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    Prithvi, I have already raised this question after you posted this thread. But I did not know that you have already posted.

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