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    How to score good marks in short period of time

    hello friends ,this is topic for those students those thinks to score good marks ,some of students those doesn't give importance to their study in early times of classes and bunk the classes . But when exam come near by every student thinks to score good marks in short period of time. Don't to be worried only practise that question in the exercise of relevant chapter for biology , english , physics and chemistry , for doing that you complete the exercise question and as well as the theory of that particular topic and give your full time to text books only not to complicated refrence books expect modern abc. Eat light meal at dinner because it makes to aware of getting sleep . Sleep only 7 - 8 hours per day . First complete that topics which are tuff and then easy one , it make you more relax . In math doesn't made mistake to leave examples questions . Eat choclate or sweet candy before you are going to attempt the question paper because it boost your mind.
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    Hello Harjeet,
    Nice thread that helps the students to make good score, but it would be pretty well if you post this an an article in the respective section with some more information. I like to advice you about some of the typing mistakes that you need to follow, as because by looking at your first lines of the article some of may get a outline structure about the whole topic. Primarily, I advice you to put the entire typed data in the MS word or please type the matter in the MS word itself and then paste it over here unlike typing here in the response box. This helps you to make the corrections automatically by the system itself. There are some grammatical mistakes along with spelling mistakes also,
    • Please make sure that the first letter of yours be the capital and the starting letter of every sentence to be capital.
    • A comma symbol must be used immediately after the last word which you are intended to put like (Studyvillage is good, interesting…..) and after that space must be given for typing the other word and not like(Studyvillage is good ,interesting…..) as you did in the first line itself.
    • Do not provide any space when you are intended to keep the full stop.
    I am mentioning all this that not to criticize you but I hope that you would take in a positive manner which helps you to grow in this site.

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    It is important to eat well so as not to get a headache during exams.
    It is important to eat sweets to feed your mind and help you concentrate.
    You must study the main points of the exam. You are the best judge of the questions that are coming in the exams. The exams are made by the teacher who taught you for some time so you should be able to read your own teacher and predict the exam before you see it.
    These are the best ways to study for the exam.

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    Nice thread, but it will be more beautiful to read if you include more relevant information and styles of writing. Nowadays students are compelled and pressured to study. They are being tortured by both parents and teachers. They have no choice left other than not to study. This makes them lazy and increase their hatefulness towards study. Everyone advises to work hard and gain maximum mark. But no one tells them how to study. Study is a kind of art, in which we are painting various topics in our mind. If we attach our own cooked up stories which can match our topics, then it will be more helpful paint our topics in our mind without much effort. There are many more interesting techniques on how to study. But most of the students are still unaware of such valuable time managing techniques.

    Best regards,
    Abdul rahman.

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    Well said, Harjeet. It is true that today's children feel a lot of stress during exam time because they lag throughout their term time and try to cover everything during exam time. A child should study from the beginning itself with planning and a timetable. He/she should get time to revise at least once before the exam starts. Then only he/she can face the exam casually without stress.
    Meera Chandra
    'Do your Best and leave the Rest'

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