Message for the new members on this site.

Primarily, welcome to the new members in this site, which is mainly intended for the development of the knowledge among the children's as they are the future leaders.
For the members who have stepped first on to this site either by knowing from other sister sites or may be this is the primary one,
This site is not like the other programmes of the same type as though here also many sections are present to participate, to acquire knowledge, to get cash credits etc., but before entering to those particular sections, you have to get the special permission and this is done by the respective editors after seeing the internal talent of yours. For this you have to contact them through mailing system.
The various sections that are present here are,
1. Practice test questions; this section helps to post the questions that are prepared by self and this can be understood by reading the thread and this section is maintained by our webmaster, Vivek sir.
2. For posting the articles like paper craft items, the respective link for idea is and this section is maintained by Pooja mam.
3. There has started a team that submits the schools that are present around the world and this is first started in the country of USA, this is a revenue sharing program and the respective details are present in and for posting in this section it is enough to get a permission by requesting in the same thread.
4. Some magic tricks that are known are to be made by self and can be submitted by requesting a permission in
5. Proper steps for giving printable's to this site must be followed and the articles must be submitted only after viewing the rules pertained and they are present in
There are some other sections where the rules can be easily understood as for writing a article initially the steps are visible which must be followed like the content must not be reproduced and be self-written.

For contacting the webmaster and editors of this site; you can do this with Gtalk and the information is provided as below,
Pooja Mam's Gtalk ID - poojasingh1977
Tony Sir's Gtalk ID - tonyjohn
Vivek Sir's Gtalk ID - vivekruletheworld.