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    Permission request!!

    When can I start posting my grammar sheets? Every time I try, I am notified that this is a restricted area not for me. Yet I believe I am qualified enough to send my resources for others to use.
  • samle of my grammar sheets (549-28050-grammar-sheet4.doc)
  • samle of my grammar sheets (549-28050-grammar-sheet4.doc)
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    I believe in the previous thread were you have posted request to submit language worksheet I have addressed that you will have to send samples to Pooja mam (our webmaster)

    Her Gtalk ID is poojasingh1977

    Send her your sample worksheets. On reviewing post permission may be given accordingly.


    Hemaaraani B

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    As the editor, Sindhu mam directed you, please follow those steps as you are now helped by Pooja mam only as she as a webmaster should give the permission by seeing the abilities of you. Not that you have to send your samples every time before posting, but once you have send ans got approved you can submit your articles as your wish but you would be restricted again if you go in a wrong way of reproducing the content from other source. These may not be useful for you at this time, but please keep them in mind so in the future they may be helpful.

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    Does poojasingh have email. How do I use the Gtalk you mention? I do not understand. Please clarify. Thanks! Please remember that I do not live all day at the computer so there are a lot of things I do not know. Thanks.

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    Hello Nagla,
    No worry for these things and you have asked your doubt in a straight manner without hesitation, good for that. Let me explain you on your query,
    Gmail is the webpage which is used to send mail to the persons with email ID, this is done through the browser of your computer. The same can be exactly used by a direct messenger that is GTalk, there you can directly log in with your Gmail account and chat with your friends directly. The Gmail address is not mentioned directly because of the reason of the spam. For understanding purpose the Gtalk ID is given for example here the Gtalk ID is abc123 implies that the email is
    The photo given is how my Gtalk looks and you know the ordinary mail page.


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    I sent a sample to poojasingh and hope she finds them satisfactory and grant me permission to post my grammar sheets. I look forward to sharing my work on the net.

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    Guys is there hope in my being granted permission to post my grammar sheets here? I sent samples for review and have had no response. Does any one care for these or is someone robbing my ideas for free without my permission? I spend hours thinking writing and composing sheets so I want some positive comment if not approval. I have used each of these pages very successfully in my classes because I compose them and they are custom made. I know that they are good. Isend them over to you guys and you are very silent. Say you do not like them and I will sign out and never come back. Thank you
    P.S. Do not let me live with false hope and just waste my very precious time. Thank you !!!

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    We are happy that you are interested in sharing your ideas with I guess you are not aware of how SVG works and that is the reason you are really worried about your article shared with us. Your sample articles shared are 100% secured. This is festival time here in India due to Diwali and that might be the reason in delay of response from Pooja (our webmaster). We really appreciate your time and patience. Pooja will contact you back after reviewing your samples sent.


    Hemaaraani B

    "Face the problem face to face with Smiling Face"

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    Hello Nagla,
    I am not a editor or like coordinator to this site, but I am also a member like you and found that this site to help with money more than your work, I am sure that you within few days you are going to take your words back and rise a forum thread to please you about your words. As you are a new member you would be in dilemma that whether to participate here in this site or not but as a member of this site I feel that I was lucky about that to find this great site.

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    Thank you for your response. I do appreciate your quick answer to my questions. It shows you care and this is very important. Happy feasting to you !!! Can you tell me more about Diwali. I never heard about it before . THank you !!!

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    Hello Nagla Abdelrazik,
    Glad to see an Egyptian here. And for your query, Diwali is one of the biggest festivals here in India. It is called as festival of lights and it was on 26th this month.

    Webmaster - DealsAndCoupons.IN

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    Happy diwali to all those in India. It is interesting to know of other people's cultures. I really never heard of it so Happy Diwali...festival of light to you and you and you!!!!

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