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    My new resource for exam preparation

    I have heard all for exams all around and i liked to write something about it on study village. I would like to share my thoughts through this article how can student prepare for the exams.

    I would like to hear any suggestions and discussion we can share on this topic.
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    Hello Bhakti,
    Primarily I wanted to thank you for furnishing a nice article here in SV site and at the same time I wanted to say something that there is need of this seperate forum thread, it would be better if we discuss under the same article itself and the other thing is that you have provided some url's of this site worksheets and practice tests, these may serve the students of some particular class people and may not help all the people so it would be better if you have mentioned the group of age for students who can achieve something out of this site. Like a student preparing for IIT exam cannot get benefit out of these worksheets but a student attending some GK test can do better. What I actually wanted to say is that if you have mentioned the conditions of class in your article it would be better unlike generalizing everybody.

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    Thanks for great suggestion. However, the site is for children and i have mentioned in summary also that how can a child prepare for exams,I have again mentioned particular grade for worksheets and practice test to make easy to find which groups are actually belong with this article. And what do you think this article will be approved from study village? In the sense of article length and description used there. Can i add any exam test attachment with this article? I would like to add some practice test like documents with it. I am waiting for approval of this article. Till then all suggestions are welcome to the same article itself.

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    There is no doubt about the approval of your article, if it is the case so the editor will itself suggest you the ideas of modulating. So, please don't worry about that thing and the other extra questions that you wanted to add will not effect though if you add or not. So, thats your wish of adding them or leave at this stage and wait for approval.

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    I read through your article. I am keeping it in pending as of now as I would suggest you to make these necessary changes to your article. Grammar correction, usage of "and", Capital letters to be used for words like English, Science, Computer Science etc and make possible hyper links it the tag to the preferred articles.


    Hemaaraani B

    "Face the problem face to face with Smiling Face"

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